The MISSION of Holly Springs High School is to offer a HIGH QUALITY Education so that students can compete in a global community.

The VISION of Holly Springs High School is to become an A+ school.



During the 2019-2020 school year, registration for all students will be online. The online process can be completed from any location with internet connection. Please check with the school if you have not received verification of your registration being completed after three days. Support to help complete the online registration process will be offered at all school locations.

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Senior Graduation Information Class of 2019

To:       Parents/ Guardians and Graduates of the Class of 2019

From:   Senior Class Sponsors


To the Senior Class of 2019 congratulations!  You are approaching the final steps to a great milestone in your academic career.  With the close of the school year rapidly approaching, there are a few key dates and important reminders we would like to bring to your attention.


If you have to come on campus for ANY reason you MUST be in school uniform. Pajamas, flip flops, athletic shorts etc. are not a part of the school dress code and will not be permitted on campus.


The fee for cap and gown rental is now $150.00.  This fee MUST be paid NO LATER than Wednesday May 15, 2019.Students may keep the caps and medallions, all seniors MUST return graduation gowns to faculty members immediately following graduation at The University of Mississippi.


The senior banquet will be held Monday May 20, 2019 at Rust College in the Shaw Cafeteria. Each graduate may bring three individuals with them.  ALL STUDENTS NEED TO PRESENT A TICKET FOR ADMITTANCE AS WELL! The program will begin at 6:00 p.m. Please pick up (4) tickets from Mrs. Whirl Monday after 1:30 p.m.


The senior class picnic will be held Wednesday May 22, 2019, at Sam Coopwood Park “The Stadium” in Holly Springs, MS.  The picnic will begin at 11:00 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.( Thursday will be the rain day.)


Graduation rehearsal will begin promptly at 5:30 pm on Thursday May 23. We will load buses and leave the high school at 4:00 pm.  ALL GRADUATES MUST ARRIVE ON TIME.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If you are not on time you will not be allowed into the rehearsal, or gradudation.


All students are asked to meet the dress code for graduation exercises as follows:



            -White dress shirt with a collar.

            -A black bow tie ($3.00) see Coach Jones)

            -Dark color pants. (black, or navy blue)

            - Black dress socks

            -Black dress shoes.



            -Dresses or a short set, any color (not longer than your graduation gowns).

            -Black dress shoes.

            -Pumps, flats or heels (none taller than 4 inches) taller heels are inappropriate and a safety   issue. (Please bring your heels to rehearsal.)

            -No dangling earrings, or large hoops. Post or pearl earrings are appropriate.


Any senior who has an outstanding fine with the Holly Springs School District may not be allowed to participate in the senior activities.  This includes, but is not limited to textbooks and/ or library fines, band fines, computer fines, athletic equipment & uniform fines, class dues etc.


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